About Us

What is “Refined?”

Refined HandCrafted Cocktail Blends is a Classic Old Fashioned Blend that contains everything inside the bottle for a consistently delicious Old Fashioned Cocktail…except the bourbon.

Tell me more? SURE!

Refined was founded by Chicago Bartender and Cocktail mixologist, Leonard Brown, whose goal is perfecting at-home cocktailing in the easiest and most CLASSY way. Hence the motto on the back of each bottle: “Drink Classy.”

The Story

After taking over management and cocktail mixology for one of Chicago’s top-brand Italian restaurants, he created the fastest and most delicious way to make an incredible Old Fashioned cocktail. Fast-forward several years, and Covid changed the restaurant business forever. He took a leap of faith to brand his Old Fashioned blend, creating the Refined Classic Old Fashioned!

Bourbon lovers are raving about the blend and how it consistently makes the most delicious Old Fashioned Cocktails right at home and without the need to equal his seasoned Mixology skills. Refined has even been turning traditional non-bourbon drinkers on to the spirit because (1.) the blend is bright, and aromatic, with beautiful but not over-the-top citrus notes, (2.) it magically complements any proof bourbon, enhancing but not dulling it down, and (3.) it allows you to make a delicious bourbon cocktail just the way YOU like it!

With Refined you can also make delicious Whiskey Sours, Classic Manhattans, Boulevardiers, Champagne Cocktails, and Sazeracs, with an easy-to-make cocktail instruction card attached to this aesthetically exquisite bottle; the artwork designed as a celebration of the repeal of the Volstead Act.

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~Drink Classy