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Not only is the classic Old Fashioned blend delicious, look at how easy it is to make at home.

But wait!

What this Chicago bartender DIDN’T realize was that, while formulating this delicious blend, he would also elevate whiskey cocktails such as…

Delicious Old Fashioned Cocktails

Refined Rye Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

3oz your favorite Rye Whiskey

.5oz of Sweet Vermouth

.5oz Refined Classic Old Fashioned

Add all ingredients in a double old fashioned glass, over ice (as much or as little as you’d like…) No. Judgement. Here.

Drop in a luxury cocktail cherry.

Best Rye Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

Refined Whiskey Sour Recipe

2oz your favorite Bourbon (Or Rye)

.5oz Lemon Juice

.75oz Refined Classic Old Fashioned

Add ingredients to cocktail shaker full of ice and then…


Strain into double old fashioned glass full of fresh ice.

add classic maraschino cherry.

Best Whiskey Sour Recipe

Refined Sazerac Cocktail Recipe

(ain’t for no timid whiskey bartender)

2oz your favorite Rye Whiskey

.25oz Refined Classic Old Fashioned

Splash of Absinthe (Rinse)

First, chill an old fashioned glass (or put it into the freezer for 30 mins). When the glass is ice cold, coat the inside with a splash of absinthe then discard extra. In cocktail beaker, stir Refined Classic Old Fashioned blend and Rye whiskey over ice until ice-cold. Pour mixture into chilled, absinthe coated glass.

Squeeze lemon peel over cocktail & drop into cocktail.

Sniff & Sip…think warm, tasty New Orleans thoughts.

Best Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

Refined Boulevardier Cocktail Recipe

“Bull-A-Var-Dee-Yay” (or) “Bull-A-Var-Deer”

1.5oz your favorite Bourbon

.75oz Italian bitter aperitif (e.g., Campari or Aperol)

.5oz Sweet Vermouth

.5oz Refined Classic Old Fashioned

Add all contents in a cocktail beaker full of ice. Stir clockwise 13.5 times (Japanese Cocktail Custom). Strain delicious contents into martini glass, Croupe, or sexy-shapely Glencairn. Drop in, luxury cocktail cherry.