One of the Best Bourbons You’ll Ever Buy…on the Cheap

I’m a cocktail mixologist at one of Chicago’s most prestigious hotels. I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard the phrase “this is the BEST Old-Fashioned cocktail I’ve ever had!” I have three secrets to making the best Old-Fashioned you’ll ever have. My first is a perfect balance of bitters, and sweetener. The second is to express ONLY a freshly cut swath of orange peel over the finished cocktail. And finally, I always use a higher proof bourbon. My go-to is Old Forester 100 proof. Currently, you can get a bottle of Old-Forester 100 for only about $25. And for the PERFECT balance of bitters and sweetness? Get your hands on a bottle of Refined’s Classic Old Fashioned Blend. One 16oz bottle allows you to make 32 amazing, and delicious Old-Fashioned cocktails!

~Drink Classy

  • Posted by hello@refined
  • November 22, 2022