Whiskey Cocktails & Good Food

Like you, I love top-notch wines particularly when I’m enjoying delicious food. But did you know that good food can also be enjoyed with craft cocktails? Whiskey cocktails, such as a classic Old-Fashioned, a Manhattan, or a Whiskey Sour are all excellent complements for fine dining. Did you know that a Whiskey Sour pairs wonderfully with grilled pork dishes such as ribs, and pork roast? I often enjoy a Classic Old-Fashioned cocktail with house made burgers with all the fixings! And a well-balanced Manhattan cocktail? Well let’s just say that after a great brunch, there’s not a better sipper to cozy up with. Refined’s Classic Old-Fashioned Blend is bursting with the kind of flavors so you can make all of these delicious Classic cocktails and more. Grab a bottle and enjoy the best Whiskey Cocktails you’ll ever have.

And Remember…

~Drink Classy

  • Posted by hello@refined
  • November 22, 2022